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Central Diamond Center Mens Stainless Steel & Rubber Bracelet Gentlemans Modern Metal Jewelry



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  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Approximate Length: 8.25" (20.96 cm)
  • Approximate Width: 12.7 mm (1/2")
  • Approximate Weight: 55.7 grams
  • Material: Never to Fade, Discolor or Tarnish

Stainless Steel Jewelry is not poured into molds like jewelry manufactured of softer alloys like, platinum, gold or silver. Unlike traditional alloys, each piece of Stainless Steel Jewelry is hand-cut from a solid piece of steel leaving no seams, or weak spots. This opens up a new world in jewelry fashion, as you can now be adorned with indestructible fashion statements in many categories, like, stainless steel rings, stainless steel wedding rings, stainless steel bracelets, stainless steel pendants, stainless steel crosses, and more. The designs are straightforward and streamlined to appeal to discriminating clients, many of whom would wear nothing less, with the added advantage of looking just like platinum, only 1,000 times stronger and at a fraction of the cost.

Synthetic gemstones are man-made reproductions of genuine, natural stones. Your choice!

  • Garnet

    January Garnet Fiery Red

    Said to bring safety to travelers and symbolize loyalty

  • Amethyst

    February Amethyst purple

    Said to promote serenity and peace

  • Aquamarine

    March Aquamarine sea-green

    Said to manifest affection in others and good luck

  • Diamond

    April Diamond clear/white

    Said to symbolize eternity, love and loyalty

  • Emerald

    May Emerald deep green

    Said to give insight into the future and bring about happiness

  • Alexandrite

    June Alexandrite variety

    Said to establish harmony between physical, astral and mental bodies

  • Ruby

    July Ruby deep red

    Said to bring about health, wealth and wisdom

  • Peridot

    August Peridot light-green

    Said to heal the sick, reduce anger and protect against nightmares

  • Blue Sapphire

    september Blue Sapphire deep blue

    Said to represent faith and chastity

  • Pink Tourmaline

    October Pink Tourmaline pink

    Said to transform negative energy to positive and bring good luck

  • Topaz

    November Topaz yellow

    Said to give strength and confidence; to bring about success

  • Zircon

    december Zircon blue

    Said to bring about clarity, courage and strength