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NANA Jewels Round Halo Style CZ Pendant with a 22" Adjustable Box Chain

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  • Solid Sterling Silver Mounting Platinum Plated, Yellow or Rose Gold Plated over Sterling Silver.
  • Center Stone with your choice of: 6.5mm (1ct), 7.5mm (1.50ct) or 8.00mm (2ct) Genuine Swarovski Pure Brilliance.
  • Includes a 0.80mm 22" Adjustable Box Chain
  • Need the matching earrings? Please follow this link:

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Synthetic gemstones are man-made reproductions of genuine, natural stones. Your choice!

  • Garnet

    January Garnet Fiery Red

    Said to bring safety to travelers and symbolize loyalty

  • Amethyst

    February Amethyst purple

    Said to promote serenity and peace

  • Aquamarine

    March Aquamarine sea-green

    Said to manifest affection in others and good luck

  • Diamond

    April Diamond clear/white

    Said to symbolize eternity, love and loyalty

  • Emerald

    May Emerald deep green

    Said to give insight into the future and bring about happiness

  • Alexandrite

    June Alexandrite variety

    Said to establish harmony between physical, astral and mental bodies

  • Ruby

    July Ruby deep red

    Said to bring about health, wealth and wisdom

  • Peridot

    August Peridot light-green

    Said to heal the sick, reduce anger and protect against nightmares

  • Blue Sapphire

    september Blue Sapphire deep blue

    Said to represent faith and chastity

  • Pink Tourmaline

    October Pink Tourmaline pink

    Said to transform negative energy to positive and bring good luck

  • Topaz

    November Topaz yellow

    Said to give strength and confidence; to bring about success

  • Zircon

    december Zircon blue

    Said to bring about clarity, courage and strength